Academic Program

FEB Education Program for Academic Year 2022/2023


The Faculty of Economics and Business at Pakuan University is grateful and appreciates the public's trust in the Faculty of Economics and Business at Pakuan University in the admission of new students for the 2022/2023 academic year.

We have prepared an MBKM-based curriculum for new students, so that the learning process will not only be in the classroom, but can be between faculties or in other locations according to the chosen program.

Degree Program

You will be able to choose from 3 undergraduate programs in different fields of study at Pakuan University's Faculty of Economics and Business. Please click on one of the links provided below to find detailed information.


The Department of Accounting FEB Unpak studied material related to methods of recording and preparing financial reports that were useful for helping stakeholders in the decision-making process.

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The Department of Management Faculty Economy and Business Unpak is a scientific field of study that studies the activities of companies or corporations, which still have links with economics and business.

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The FEB Management Study Program has a strong emphasis on business learning using digital technology. This study program was developed to prepare superior human resources with character.

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Accreditation Status

Information on the Accreditation Status of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Pakuan University.

Training Program

Training is a common program in developing employees or workforce. The form can be in the form of training conducted outside the company or within the company.

Certified Program

Students carry out apprenticeships in accordance with the Projects provided by the Industry. The apprentice is declared to have completed the apprenticeship after completing the work within the specified time.

Development Program

FEB has a program Small Business Development and Start Up is a series of decision-making activities in bridging the difference between what is expected and what will be done.

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